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Passport to Learning

The key to the Children's University Scotland learning journey

Passport to Learning

The Passport to Learning lets children collect a stamp, sticker or signature every time they take part in an activity. They can watch their passport fill up as they work towards their next award.

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Passport Holders area


The Passport to Learning lets children record the activities they choose to take part in


Connects learning that takes place in school to learning at home and in the community


Promotes the value of learning outside school, at weekends and on holidays


Encourages children to step outside their comfort zone and explore new things


Opening doors to Inspiring Opportunities

Children are encouraged to carry their Passport with them when they visit any learning destination.

The Passport even gives free or discounted entry to some learning destinations.



A Commitment to Life-long Learning

Each child's Passport is unique and personal to them. It is a tangible record of their commitment to learning and their willingness to try new things.


The e-Passport

Children’s University Scotland members use the e-Passport to log their credits online, see how close they are to their next award, add text and photos to their experiences and to search for other learning activities right across Scotland.


For schools, the e-Passport is an easy way to keep track of children's activities and to see which children are close to gaining an award.