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Passport holders

Signed up and ready to fill your Passport with credits? We’ve got everything you need.

Welcome to Children's University Scotland!

As a Passport Holder, there are lots of exciting and fun things for you to do.

Let's get started!

Passport to Learning

It’s easy to use your Passport to Learning – just remember to keep it with you.

Collect credits

Collect Passport credits for the activities you enjoy doing outside lesson time

Step outside your comfort zone

It's always more fun when you try something you've never done before

Celebrate your success

We'll celebrate your achievements at our next graduation – see you there!

What it's all about


Children's University Scotland is all about taking part in fun activities outside of your lessons. Every time you do this, you get a credit in your Passport to Learning.


You collect credits by playing sport, making music, cooking food, reading your favourite books, exploring a castle, visiting a museum and lots more. We hope your Passport will lead you on your very own learning adventure.


When you've collected enough credits we’ll invite you to a fabulous graduation ceremony. At the graduation we’ll present you with a Children's University certificate to celebrate your amazing experiences and achievements!

You're the Boss!


At Children’s University, nobody will tell you where to go and what to do — it’s your choice. There are no tests or exams either, just lots of opportunities to do the things you enjoy.


So pick up your Passport, and decide where you'll be taking it next!


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Where to next?

Downloadable learning activities

We've put together a range of different learning activities for you to download and do in your spare time with your family and friends, as an extra way to help you collect credits for your Passport.


Download a learning activity and earn more credits.


Downloadable learning activities