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Our Organisation

Learn about the structure of our charity and the people at its heart

Annual Review

Download our Annual Review 2014/15 to read more about our charity and our growth over the past year.


Our organisation

CU Scotland is a membership organisation which employs a localised management structure: keeping overheads low, harnessing local knowledge and positioning Children’s University at the very heart of the communities in which it operates. This structure ensures that the programme adapts to specific environments and local circumstances: it meets the needs of pupils living in Stornoway as effectively as those living in Paisley and, consequently, children/families forge a strong sense of attachment to Children's University in their local area.


 Our Role

CU Scotland is responsible for the overall management/strategic direction of the Children’s University in Scotland; recruiting local partners, providing intensive support during the set-up phase and ongoing support thereafter. It is also responsible for co-ordinating national evaluation activities, delivering relevant staff and volunteer training, forging partnerships with national learning partners and liaising with government, the higher education sector and other key stakeholders.


Our Partner Organisations

Partner organisations – universities, colleges, local authorities - determine the structure and organisation of the local Children’s University centre within their area. One of the partners will take on responsibility for being the lead organisation and the host legal entity at local level. Children’s University is not a stand-alone project. It provides an umbrella under which a number of organisations can collaborate to achieve their shared aims.